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A Good Day


A Good Day is any day that you’re alive
– Paul Westerberg

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate having to take Frankie home on Sundays. I simply loathe it. Iam in a bad mood for the rest of Sunday night amd it’s best to stay away from me.

This past weekend we had a great time. The weather finally cooperated for the most part. I taught Frankie how to fly a kite ( i think I might’ve had more fun kite flying then he did). He rode his scooter that he got for his birthday everywhere.  And a weekend with Frankie is not the normal unless we watch a couple of James Bond movies.

I hate having to feel like I have to compete with his mother on “who does more for Frankie ” level. I try and avoid it all together as a matter of fact. I know I’ll lose every time as far as giving gifts. I tend to take a different approach. I try and introduce things into his life he’s not going to see when he’s with his mom
Flying a kite, James Bond, having a root beer in a martini glass ( shaken-not stirred), teaching him how to grill on the Smokey Joe. He loves to go take Margarita on a hike in the woods. I can teach him a little bit about the outdoors in the process. It’s fun because when he comes over he knows he’s going to do these things. And we are building a strong bond. It’s good for him and it’s good for me.

Frankie’s parting words to me today, were ” I had a blast this weekend, dad”. I’ve talked about my day of days, and my struggles the past four years. A comment like that makes it all worth while. It’s something that no one can take from me.

I’ve never claimed to be a perfect person or the “World’s Greatest Dad”. I pass the qualities that I value on to my son.  Be polite, be nice to everyone, have your friends’ backs, smile, hang on.

Today my son wore a baseball hat all day, told me he wanted me to take him to mini golf,  and the driving range. Last year he told me he did not like all these things. I call this progress. A truly great day.

I bitch about my struggles way too much sometimes. I heard the song “A Good Day” by Paul Westerberg  the other day. I am reminded why weekends like this one are important to me

Today was a good day. I am strong and truly blessed


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