Martini Night in America

Thursday night in my world is called “Martini Night in America”, I figure if NBC can have Sunday night as “Football Night in America” and Canada can call Saturday night, “Hockey Night in Canada”. Thursday night is Martini night for me.

The first Martini Night in America was in 2007, shortly after Frankie was born. We had some issues with delivery (see prior post #5) and complications along the way. I promised myself while feeling so helpless that if my wife and child made it out of this and were happy and healthy, I would pause for a moment and give thanks to all who helped make this possible. On February 3rd, 2007 after everyone went to bed, I put on some quiet music and I have raised my glass and gave thanks.

After that night, I always set aside Thursday night for one martini. It’s marks the start of the weekend. Nothing really good is on television anymore. I can be found reading a book, writing in my journal, listening music. One martini is all I have, sometimes with a blue cheese olive or with a twist. Gin or Vodka. Always stirred, not shaken (I don’t like to water down the booze). 

The music aka the soundtrack has always been important to me. Can’t go wrong with the music of The Rat Pack. I do try and find something different every week to listen to. Sometimes it’s mellow jazz (Miles, Dave Brubek, Monk) or other times I go Big Band ( Glenn Miller, Brian Setzer). Lately because I’ve been into watching James Bond movies with my son, I have been listening to James Bond theme songs. Whatever it is, music helps set the mood.

As with the Celebration of the Single Guy, Martini Night in America is about celebrating life, not wallowing because your life has not worked out the way you want due to money issues or not getting the girl. It’s about allowing yourself to smile for a little while even though life kicks your tail sometimes. The Martini is really only an accessory.

Celebrate Life