I would rather have a dump truck


I was almost 4 years old when my sister was born. The story goes that someone asked if i wanted a little brother or a little sister, my response was “I would rather have a dump truck”. I got a baby sister before I got a dump truck ( which I eventually did get for my birthday a couple of months later).

My sister and her husband are my best friends in the world. Their friendship,love  and support over the past few years has been one of the great miracles of my life.

I talk about my sister and how she came to sit with me on my day of days. My brother in law called me that day. I’ve spent many a late night staying up with him talking about my life. He’s listened and given good advice. He’s more then just a brother in law, he’s a brother.

When I was living with friends in a place that was not real conducive for kids to be around, they opened up their doors of their home to Frankie and I on weekends when he would come to stay with me. Spending those weekends, was not only good for Frankie, because he got to be with his cousins. It was good for me because I learned how to interact with Frankie and picked up some really good parenting skills from them.

Even though my brother in law is allergic to dogs, they rescued and rehabilitated Margarita and gave her a home for two and a half years.¬† A debt which I’ll never be able to repay.

They shared their home, their kids, their food, their friends with us. They helped make us a family. What do you say about two people like that? People that give of themselves like that? You say thank you.