Food for thought 5/26/13



Little Things


Today is Mother’s Day and I am headed over to my parents house this afternoon  for a nice dinner with the family .My mother won’t let me cook for her on Mother’s Day. She feels that one day she won’t be able to do it. 

I am blessed to have a really awesome mom. She’s one of the smartest people I know, a fabulous cook, a warm and wonderful person. While my divorce was really hard on her, she’s done so much for Frankie and I (and even Margarita) to help make us a family. It’s nothing major, just a lot of little things. Making Frankie Mac and cheese when we come over to visit, picking up books from the library he might like.

I tend to remember the wonderful little things my mom had done for me over the years.

We moved to Atlanta when I was in the first grade. I remember every other kid in my class had this glue that had a pirate on it. I had Elmer’s. I told her that a kid made fun of me because I had a cow on my glue. My mom drove around to 4 different stores to find the Pirate glue so her little boy wouldn’t be laughed at.

My 3rd grade class grew tulips and decorated pots to grow them in. It’s the Friday of Mother’s Day weekend and everyone is sitting with their pots and tulips riding home on the bus. Getting off the bus, in front of my house , I tripped and my pot was smashed. I sat on the step of our house crying. My mom told me she loved her tulip because it was unique. We planted the tulip bulb in front of the house.

For all my failures and shortcomings, I never seem to let her down. I am proud to be her son.

Thanks for all the things( big and little) you’ve done for me ,Mom.



Frankie and over the weekend completed a journey which we started last November. It was to watch all the James Bond movies in the order they were released in. Starting with “Dr. No” and winding up with “Skyfall”. We watched all 23 Bond movies ( we don’t consider “Never Say Never Again” an official Bond movie) .

I’ve watched all of the Bond films over the course of my life. Yet I had never watched them in the order they were released in. During the week, I see Frankie on Thursday nights. So our conversations always would turn to what Bond movies we were watching.

I asked Frankie of we should do something special to mark the end of this journey when we watched “Skyfall”. Frankie said to me, we should put on coat and ties “just like James,dad”. He was also the one that suggested we put a tie on Margarita, because “she is our ‘M’ ” . It was quite a special night.

Sadly my 007 or M did not make it to the end of the night. Both passed out cold somewhere in the middle of “Skyfall” . I wound up watching the end by myself.

Six months later, I can tell you that I can’t watch a Bond movie without Frankie around. It’s just not as much fun. I think the best way to have a root beer is not in a frosted mug,but in a martini glass “shaken,not stirred”.

We started watching Bond movies just as something fun to do. I never knew it was going to lead us a journey that took us everywhere and we never had to leave our living room.

Thank you Frankie for letting me take you on what I hope is the first of many journeys

Sunday at Augusta

I had planned to write about Sundays at The Masters with my dad this past Monday, then the bombing in Boston happened and it did not feel right. I thought to myself, now might be okay.

I took up the game of golf when I was about 11 or 12. I used to go to the range with my dad on  Saturday afternoons. Not having a set of my own, I would use his clubs. I wasn’t very good, every once in awhile I would hit a ball and it’d go were I wanted it to. Afterward, my dad and I would go to the clubhouse and I would have a Coke and he’d have a beer.  I started taking lessons when I was 13 and later that Summer he took me out to play a short par 3 course.

I started watching golf on television with my dad when I was about 6. First tourney of the year he always watched was The Masters . I can remember saying to my mom ” I’m bored” and she told me to go watch television with my dad. So I took my Matchbox Cars in the living room and my dad was tuned into what was going on at Augusta. I knew Jack, Tom, Johnny, and Gary by the end of that first weekend. Sunday at Augusta was something we always watched.

As some fathers and sons tend to do,  the older I got, the more I thought I knew everything. It caused friction and fighting between us. The golf course was one place we never argued on. We would leave whatever issues we were having at the starters shack. We could sit down in front of the television and watch The Masters together.

After my “Day of Days” and i talked to my parents.  My dad got on the phone and told me they needed a 4th for golf the next day. I played one of the best rounds of my life. We left my problems at the starter’s shed and just played a round.

It worked out this year were I did not have Frankie, so I went over to my parents’ house to watch Sunday at The Masters with my dad. Over the years, the furniture has changed and the television has gotten bigger and better (52 Inch HD flat screen) , it’s still the two of us in front of the television.

A couple of weeks ago Frankie and I drove by a driving range and he asked me what that was amd I explained to him. And i asked if he wanted to learn golf. “Yes, Daddy I do”. History has a way of repeating itself.